Shared Services

We want to share with you several subjects in this section in the area of services.

Experience tells us that in regards to customer orientation, organisational design and internal processes you can find huge potential for improvement.

This starts with basic things such as that all employees have clients including employees in HR, Finance, Legal, Procurement etc. who are providing a service for their internal clients. And that for this internal service you need to have the same expectations on quality, speed and cost as for external clients. Customer orientation has to be lived and breezed on a daily basis and has to be an integral part of the culture in the organisation.

The appropriate structure for your organisation and set up of your processes is the next essential part. How is your service delivery model organised? What is being handled by whom and from where? Which subjects you want to cover from within your organisation and which ones do you want to outsource? And when you outsource a certain part how do you handle this successfully?

How is the service culture visible for your customers? Do they feel it in all interactions with your organisation? How professional is the contact, how easy is it, how accessible? How good is the customer orientation when it comes to complaints? How positive is the customer overall when it comes to dealing with your organisation?


Service Culture

Unfortunaly in many companies only the sales employees are being trained appropriately when it comes to customer orientation. This often leads to negative results or perception with clients.

Do you know the situation when you just bought something nice but one this is not working as it should and you contact the Company? Often it is difficult to find the right access channel and if you have a contact this contact can’t help you directly or is not even particularly friendly. You are being passed on to someone else and the dealing takes quite a while until your problem is solved. The likelihood that you will buy again or recommend this company to a friend becomes very low.

To achieve that good customer service is visible to everybody all employees have to embrace customer orientation and develop an attitude and behavior which focusses on the customer in all interactions. This will show in how to prioritise, the communication, willingness and flexibility to really help, the empathy for the customer and his/her needs and the interest to develop a customer relationship.

We are analysing with you the level of customer orientation in your organisation and offer trainings, workshops and coaching for employees and managers.

Service Delivery Model (SDM)

You have a problem or question and don’t know who is in charge and whom to contact ? You are calling a number and learn that a different department is in charge and you get another number you should call. You call there, explain again your issue and later you get only part of the answer.

This happens to many of us. Because in a lot of companies the internal processes are designed around the internal organizational structures and not according to the client experience. That is like the difference between Microsoft and Apple when it comes to the user interface. Apples success was driven by the tremendous focus on the simplicity of the user interface.

If you want to organise your service delivery model and customer interface according to the customer experience we are happy to help you with it. We use state of the art techniques such as agile development, user centric design, sprints etc in working with you to identify how the future should look and feel like and to get clarity which improvement you can generate. This will happen quite fast and you won’t need a lot of expensive days to achieve it.

Of course, we will also cover the key questions you need to have addressed in your SDM. What access channels your customers have?  Phone, mail, chat, web, social media, f2f …? How will the dialogue work? How many interfaces to the customer are needed? Do you have a customer representative who deals with all types of issues, simple and complex ones, or is it being passed on? Who is closing out the case? Which subjects are being dealt with by which team? Do you have or need a service catalogue? How do you measure customer satisfaction? Do you have quantitative as well as qualitative criteria? Do you service level agreements and key performance indicators? Do you need them at all and where? Which customer relationship management System (CRM) do you use?

To do this analysis and the development of a new design can be done quite fast. Have a try. Of course, we gladly work with you also in the deployment and execution of the SDM.

We have extensive experience in our team across industries and countries in designing, developing, deploying and running service delivery models including service center. Becoming curious, learn more.

Offshoring and Service Center

Your profitably is decreasing, the costs are too high? You are considering whether some tasks currently done in countries with high labor cost could be done somewhere else? Your company is growing but you need to control cost and some of the new structures you want to build should be in other countries in eastern Europe or Asia?

A lot of factors have to be considered. A sound business case is crucial to prepare the right decision. All items have to be gone through in detail and potentially hidden risks and costs need to be discovered and added to ensure that you won’t get negative surprises later on. You have heard of other cases where companies have brought back their production or services from offshore location. What is doable and realistic? How much can be saved, which costs really occur in the mid and long run, which are the relevant risks to consider? There are no simple answers, this has to be looked at case by case. We are happy to work with you on the analysis, the business case, the project planning and the implementation. And we can also support in the consultation with the employee representative bodies and in transition management.

If you are only looking for support in one of the areas above don’t hesitate to ask us.

Our core competency is in the planning and implementation of HR Shared Service Center in eastern Europe and India and we can proudly say that the centers established many years ago are still up and running very successfully. The experience we gained started 2003 with the first HR Service Center in Hungary and continues till today with centers in India and Lithuania. We have worked and transitioned successfully hundreds of customer contacts, processes and systems from countries all over the world. You can benefit from the practical experience we gained through the planning, implementation and running of these centers including what happens years after transition. Get in contact.

Outsourcing and Vendor Management

You are considering whether certain activities could be outsourced to external service provider but your team is not having the necessary competencies or experience to prepare, negotiate and implement an outsourcing deal? We are happy to work with you in the preparation of the RFI (request for information) RFQ (request for quotation) and RFP (request for pricing) as well as supporting you in the process with the potential providers including the analysis. Following successful contracting you want to transfer the activities and implement the new processes? We have gained a wealth of experience in different HR outsourcing areas starting with specific subjects such as pre-employment screening or payroll to full fledged HR Outsourcing Deals at the global level.

And if you have outsourced certain areas you often have the need to do excellent quality controls. How good is your outsourcing partner/service provider? How satisfied are the customers, do they see a difference between dealing with the outsourcer or with colleagues? Is the communication smooth, open, honest and timely, is the governance model working and assuring the right level of quality and cost, is the escalation path well defined and the quantitative as well as qualitative objectives?

Are you working in a partnerial way with the outsourcing provider or do you have constant discussions about change requests and customer satisfaction?

A professional set up for vendor management can help you to get the right balance of quality improvements and cost savings while keeping customer orientation in the focus. With our experience from many years dealing with external providers we know where to pay attention, what to do strategically, tactically and practically on a daily basis. You can test our knowledge and get in touch with us.

Change Management

Almost all consulting businesses have the subject of change management in their portfolio. Why should you contact us and work with us on this subject? Because we are approaching it slightly different than many of our competitors, we are taking change management to the  practical level with you and very execution focussed. Of course, the classical change management methods are good and important (the stages of change from Kotter or the four rooms of change etc).

But have to participate all employees and managers in change management trainings? We don’t think this is needed. Some big change projects are unsuccessful because of poor change management or achieve only part of the original objectives because many good ideas and ways of working getting lost in the implementation.

The most common factors according to our experience are:

  • The leadership team is not fully behind the change. The root causes can be very different – we identify where the issues are.
  • The competencies in change management of some key influencers in the team are not well enough developed – a few short and targeted practical learnings can support fast improvements.
  • The sustainability of driving the change is lacking, the focus gets lost, the additional workload, the energy needed to carry a big change project over the line is underestimated – we bring clarity where an intervention makes sense and support with ideas to keep morale and motivation up.
  • Some very practical methods are not being used, the execution is not well because the plan is over engineered and overloaded and compared to the plan the doing is lacking behind – we are focussing on small, fast and practical change interventions through all different stages of the change.

Our experience is gained in some big international transformations such as restructuring, outsourcing, offshoring, pension plan changes and many small change projects such as reorganization of a business unit, technology implementations etc.

We want to surprise you –  will you let us?