The ability to communicate successfully is key in todays environment. Communication enables business relations and cooperation, it is the social glue of an organisation.

As soon as people get in contact, different perspectives, needs and expectations are surfacing. Different assessments, interpretations and matters of course are in play which can lead to misunderstandings. In business environments people often position themselves purposely or unpurposely in a hierarchical way which leads to a positioning which can be helpful or hinder the situation.

In times of change well delivered communication provides security and perspectives for individuals and enables achieving the goals as a group.

And well done communication with clients and business partners is crucial for the overall success of a business.

In our communication trainings, workshops and coaching we are working with concepts and methods of Transactional Analysis, systemic consulting and non-violent communication.


Please find here some of the trainings, workshops and coaching we are offering in this area:

  • communicating successfully
  • appreciative communication
  • communication skills for manager
  • convincing communication in times of change
  • Chairmanship and negotiation techniques
  • Presentation techniques and rhetoric
  • Presenting confidently
  • Voice, language and body language
  • Customer/Client engagement
  • Customer and service orientation
  • Communication by phone
  • Customer complaint management
  • Successful client acquisition

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Training and Coaching for internal and external trainer

  • Train the trainer
  • Coaching for trainer
  • Supervision