Talent Acquisition

Conditions on the labour market are currently better for applicants than they have been for a long time. The unemployment rate is at a low point nationwide, experts and managers are urgently sought.

In the past it was enough to place a job ad, to select the right person from the mass of applications, to interview them and then sign an employment contract. Today, the process of talent acquisition is becoming more complex and demanding, not least due to globalization and digitalization. But it also offers new opportunities and possibilities for companies. These multiple opportunities require new decisions for you as an employer, e.g. which channels to use to publish a job, which channels to search for employees and which technologies to use in the selection process.

This is to ensure a quick, fair and appropriate selection of applicants, and also to offer the candidates prompt feedback and an excellent applicant experience.

Today’s applicants often have different expectations and demands on their employer than in the past. It is becoming increasingly important to have a good work-life balance, an appreciative employer who develops their skills and provides flexible working conditions. Most people are looking for a job with “purpose”, i.e. a meaningful role.

For you as an employer there are many questions:

  • How can you as a company attract qualified applicants?
  • How are you perceived on the job market?
  • What channels, tools and technologies do you use to search for employees?
  • What experience do applicants gain with you?
  • How do you make the applicants choose you?
  • How well are the preboarding and onboarding processes going?
  • How do the employees identify with your company?
  • Why do the employees decide to stay with you?
  • How strong is your corporate culture?
  • How do you live inclusion and diversity in your company?
  • Do they recommend you as an employer of choice to their friends and acquaintances?

We would be happy to advise you on the following topics:

  • Employer branding
  • Personnel marketing (national and international)
  • Positive applicant experience
  • Recruiting, selection processes, assessment center
  • Competence-based interviewing
  • Personnel diagnostics and potential analyses
  • Teambuilding – also specifically for international teams
  • Organisation of the probationary period
  • Employee referral bonus programs

Our Metakomm consultants have extensive experience in responsible roles in talent acquisition in national and international companies as well as external consultants in this field.

Feel free to contact us – we will be happy to provide you with comprehensive advice on the topic of ‘Talent Acquisition’.