The communication in your company is not running smoothly? Employees cross talk to each other? Misunderstandings occur? Important content is not getting through? Meetings are not effective and running over? Customer orientation in some businesses is lacking behind?

Shared Services

You want to implement a new Service Delivery Model improving quality and saving cost? Outsourcing and Offshoring are hot topics in your organisation? You want to ramp up a new Service Center in eastern Europe or Asia or improve an existing one which is not delivering the quality you need?

Organisational Design and Development

Countries or business units in your organisation don't work well together? Globalisation, industry 4.0 are requiring new skills and competencies in your teams? New leadership competencies are needed to address the new challenges?

Team Development

Communication in teams is a bit chaotic? Productivity is lacking? There is little cooperation but a lot of rivalry in the team? Processes are suboptimal and lead to performance problems? Members of the team are in different locations?


A new company structure is needed ? The integration of the new company is more difficult than expected? You want to implement global processes and a new structure? You need to close a location?

Talent Acquisition

Conditions on the labour market are currently better for applicants than they have been for a long time. The unemployment rate is at a low point nationwide, experts and managers are urgently sought.

Conflict Management

It gets loud in your organisation without need? Team-members don't talk to each other? The performance is going south? Discussions are escalating and becoming very emotional? Colleagues refuse to work with each other?

Labor Relations

Your employee representatives/works council is not supporting the necessary changes as required? A new works council shall be established in your organisation? Due to the international structure of your company you need to set up a european works council?


You are having an important decision in your professional life to make? You are not happy with your own performance in your role? You are feeling insecure in regards to some upcoming tasks or projects? Pressure and demands on you are constantly increasing? You are asking yourself why you are doing certain things?