Personality Tests

Overview and Assistance in Finding Suitable Test Procedures in Personnel Consulting

We have taken a closer look at the different test procedures and compared them with each other:

  • 12 tests to determine personality structure
  • 4 tests to determine intelligence performance

Which candidates are suitable for a particular position? How do you put together a good team? How do you determine the working atmosphere? What differences in personality, values or competencies present opportunities or challenges for communication and collaboration? Learn more about personality traits in the work context.

What objective measurements provide insight into an employee’s cognitive performance?

Tests of personality structure and intelligence performance offer a helpful supplement in answering these questions and are equally suitable for small companies as for larger international corporations. The Internet opens up a broad market of test batteries that can be used for personnel counselling. However, a clear summary or comparison of the respective test procedures is difficult to find.

For this reason, our psychologist Ines Schmitz has designed a psychometric matrix that can provide concrete assistance in finding a suitable tool for personnel selection and personnel counselling.

The matrix contains the specific description of various characteristics and is divided into personality structure assessment procedures and intelligence performance assessment procedures.

Ines Schmitz Metakomm

About the author Ines Schmitz

M.Sc. Psychologist and Consultant at Metakomm

Ines is an academically trained psychologist specialized in clinical and industrial/organizational psychology. Understanding and counselling complex psychological and group dynamic processes is one of her greatest strengths. Scientifically-based approaches are the focus of her daily work.

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