Case Study // Organizational Design

Project goal

  • Review the organizational setup and develop a new target operating model
  • Develop alternative options for discussion with pro’s and con’s
  • Ensure buy in from the senior leadership team
  • Develop an implementation plan

Initial situation

Among several challenges, the main priority was to establish a comprehensive org design and development strategy that would facilitate and support profitable growth through innovation and international expansion, allow for the easy and optimal integration of acquisitions, and increase customer-centricity and care. Most of the acquisitions made in the past had not been fully integrated and operated as add-on separate divisions. Other important design criteria were: address company-wide quality management, foster breakthrough innovation, and accelerate product and solution validation to speed up time-to-market.

Our approach

For fact-finding purposes and perspective sharing, the Metakomm project team conducted extensive interviews, deep-dive analyses and org assessments with all executive committee members as well as data analysis based on due diligence data provided. The project progressed through several iterations with the executive committee members and was operationally governed by weekly project steering committee meetings involving the principal shareholder representative, the CEO and the CHRO.


Metakomm delivered org model options and alternatives with their pros & cons, covering all functions and market organizations, for consideration and discussion with the steering committee. We then developed the selected option into a complete company-wide organizational model. We finalized our contribution by establishing a comprehensive and detailed new org implementation plan function by function including risk assessments, mitigations as well as a communication and engagement plan.

Project duration:

Company type
Privately (Private Equity) Owned
Company size
Approx. 650 employees across 10 countries, HQ in France

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