– We are supporting you in reaching your personal goals


With our coaching we are accompanying you in an individual way on your personal and professional journey.

Starting with your current situation we are working with you on questions such as professional know-how, your role in your organisation, behaviors, attitudes and motivation.

Our task is clarity for you where you stand, your motives, support in decision making and actions. You will get challenging questions, transparent interventions, open and honest feedback and new perspectives.

The role of a coach is a sparring partner who works with you and supports the self reflection and personal development as part of a jointly agreed framework/contract.

We are searching for solutions which fit to your professional role as well as to you as an individual.

The coaching sessions offer you the opportunity to reflect situations and discuss alternative actions or behavior in an ongoing way.

As a coach we help you to solve problems and achieve goals without providing the actual solution ourselves. The responsibility for what is happening next stays with the coachee at all times.

Reasons for a coaching could be:


  • New challenges in your job
  • Question in regards to your efficiency and effectiveness, the meaning or satisfaction in your working life or in leadership situations
  • Conflictual situations
  • Upcoming significant changes in the organisation
  • Preparation for the next step in your career or development
  • The desire to get an individual and targeted confidential counseling

Important for a successful coaching is:


  • Self-responsibility: The coachee wants to have the coaching him/herself (it is not being put on him/her by management), the coachee has an own interest to get the coaching
  • Personal acceptance: The trust between the coach and the coachee is mutual
  • Confidentiality: The subjects discussed during the coaching sessions stay completely confidential to ensure that the coachee can open up during the coaching