Team Development

A top performing team is recognised as such if it reaches or even exceeds all its goals, is having a positive climate, the cooperation is great, the members value each other and everybody can contribute their specific strengths in an optimal fashion. Synergy effects are being generated, conflicts are handled constructively.

Does this sound like a fairy tale? Often the reality in teams is significantly different. The cooperation is weakened in several ways. Working together smoothly and positively has a huge effect on the performance, achieving goals and motivation of teams. Team members who are leaving, new members joining, changing of goals, tasks or organizational structure requires constant adaptions of teams.


Team development sessions offer the opportunity to reflect the status quo, the cooperation and to discover each other outside of the daily working routines. Subjects often discussed are leadership demands, clarity on roles and responsibilities, improving the relationships amongst the team members, analyzing strengths and weaknesses, constructive feedback, conflict mediation, communication, team rules and many more.


As part of the workshops or training sessions these or other subjects can be discussed and developed to the benefit of the group.

If you run an action oriented session the focus is less on the discussion but more on the doing and feeling of the team, which, of course, will be reflected, too, at the end of the session to ensure joined understanding and clarity for the participants.

We are offering a range of options to develop and improve teams and their cooperation.


  • Workshops to analyse and improve the cooperation and teaming
  • Trainings for cooperation in virtual teams
  • Team development activities
  • Team trainings
  • Team coaching
  • Conflict mediation
  • Indoor-/Outdoor activities

Team development on a sailboat

On a sailboat usually all participants have a new or unfamiliar situation. Everybody is extremely close by and have to engage with each other. Roles and hierarchies become blurred when all have the same goal: to get somewhere new. To master the many new and different tasks on a sailing vessel are comparable to tasks in an organisation. The teams have to work efficiently together, motivation, commitment, stamina, decision making, resilience, crisis management, good communication and agreements.

The training is accompanied by an experienced skipper who remains to be charge on the vessel to ensure the safety of all participants. Following a short introduction the participants will be able to steer the boat themselves and master different challenges as a team. The trainer is structuring the setting and organising the tasks to support the learning needs, observing the participants, providing feedback, moderating the discussions. Based on the tasks and challenges for the crew the team is having the possibility to work on specific subjects like leadership styles, dealing with conflicts, providing and receiving feedback, delegation, communication skills and many more.


Results: Our experience shows that team development trainings on a sailboat provide multiple successes for the team, the practical learning can be well transferred to the business environment and it is great fun as well. This strengthen the team building overall.

In addition it is seen by many participants also as an incentive. The participants get to know to each other in a very different and surprisingly new way. Conflicts which might have been lasting for a long time are surfacing easily and quickly. And the experience stays in the mind of the participants for a long time which improves the sustainability of the learning and is having better effects than some discussions and agreements in traditional meeting rooms and settings.


Wir beraten Sie gerne, welche Maßnahme Ihre Ziele am besten verwirklicht und setzen diese mit Ihnen um.