Those who want to start their transformation journey with modern technologies and ‘new ways of working’.

Those who want to involve and motivate their colleagues on this journey, but they don’t yet know how to strike the balance between change and stability, between technology and people.

Our team will optimize your travel planning with you and guide you successfully to your destination.

We work with you to determine which services would add the most value at certain stages in your journey and we align the execution of the service to the organisation’s need. Many of our services can add value at each and all stages of the journey but the content and focus may vary dependent on the organisation’s maturity and ability to handle change. For the explorers out there we would suggest:

Business Case/Value Creation

We can assist you in crafting a robust business/value case for your digital transformation project, even if you have limited prior experience in this area, by leveraging our expertise and proven methodologies to ensure your project’s success.


Project & Deployment Methodology

Our project and deployment methodology ensures a streamlined and efficient process, enabling you to achieve your goals faster and with greater results. We mix agile methods with ‘classic’ project management based on your experience and readiness.

Cloud Assessment

We offer guidance and support to help you navigate the cloud software selection process, ensuring that you choose the right solutions to seamlessly integrate with your HR digital strategy, optimize your operations, and drive organizational success.


Test Management

Our HR technology-agnostic test scenario portfolio provides a significant opportunity to expedite the testing phase by offering a versatile and comprehensive pre-built suite of testing scenarios, ensuring that the HR systems perform optimally and meet your unique business needs.

Programme Readiness Review

Utilising our pre-built assets we can help you assess your capability, capacity, risks and opportunities to ensure a successful project mobilisation and execution.


Service Readiness

Our service readiness assessment equips you with relevant data and insights, enabling you to identify and address potential deployment challenges, ensuring a smooth and successful implementation of the HR digital program.

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