Personality assessments in the professional context are designed to predict performance at work and behavior in organizations with the goal of using this information practically.

Our team, Metakomm, also uses these assessments as a useful supplement to a structured calibration of personality traits alongside personal conversations. Personality assessments help us better understand individuals and team dynamics, allowing for targeted support for employees and effective improvement and strengthening of team collaboration.

All the tools we use are based on common scientific models of behavioral and personality research. You may be familiar with the “Big Five personality model” or the OCEAN model.

This model (named after the first letters of its English terms) is considered the standard model for describing the five main dimensions of our personality and is the most commonly used model in personality research. The OCEAN model identifies individual personality trait tendencies in:

  • Openness to experience
  • Conscientiousness
  • Extraversion
  • Agreeableness
  • Emotionality (formerly known as Neuroticism)

As a psychological test, it makes dispositional personality traits more visible.

What is the practical purpose of collecting this data?

Personality assessment tools have a wide range of uses. One example is the HOGAN assessment, which offers a particularly broad spectrum of applications.

Through its use, we our clients with potential identification and talent search. Which candidate is best suited for a particular role or position?

We also use the HOGAN assessment to identify the strengths and weaknesses of employees. In this case, we work with our clients to determine the best development opportunities and ensure that each employee is placed in a role that aligns with his or her abilities.
Lastly, the assessment serves to improve team dynamics. Our clients often consult us regarding team development. We work with our clients to determine the focus of the team development initiative.

  • Is the goal to create more effective collaboration?
  • Are there conflicts that need to be resolved?
  • Does the team need to establish more constructive communication methods?

Once the focus is clear, we can efficiently use the HOGAN assessment. After collecting individual personality profiles, we can determine how teams should be assembled so that they work well together and complement each other’s skills. By using the assessment, companies can also identify potential conflicts or difficulties within teams and address them directly.

Although HOGAN Assessment can fulfill this function, we usually use a different personality assessment tool called Wisnio for team development. This tool not only creates individual personality profiles but also generates a “team profile,” which allows us to understand the influence of each character on team dynamics.

After creating these individual personality profiles, we determine how the presence of differences can be constructively utilized. When creating new teams, our clients often ask the following questions:

  • How can introverted and extroverted team members work together effectively? Should these team members work together at all, or do the different poles create tensions?
  • Which personality type is best suited for specific tasks? For example, which employee should handle sensitive or high-risk tasks? Which of my employees is best suited to plan a fun team event? Which employee is very conscientious and can concentrate on detailed tasks?

Diversity is considered a positive enrichment for the team – one just needs to know which composition leads to harmonious teamwork.

We hope that these two example tools have given you a clear first impression of how personality assessment tools can be used.

Here you can find our psychometric matrix, which provides detailed information on various other test procedures and their functions.

Our experts at Team Metakomm work with the two tools mentioned above and a variety of other personality assessment tools. We are happy to support you in developing your employees and teams. With the combination of our experience and sound science, we make your team strong.

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